World Trade Center Reflections



WTCWhile on our trip to New York City, we stopped by the World Trade Center Memorial and it was definitely memorable.  See, the last time we visited NYC was in November of 2001, weeks after 9/11.  Thinking back on that trip, the city seemed so vulnerable and the future unclear.  Today the city is in stark contrast with a clear vision to restore the area with the actions underway.  What truly captured my attention was the integration of the memorial and the new structures.  The reflection pools, the tower remnants, and the freedom tower were spectacular.  Leaving the memorial, I couldn’t help think “Do I have a clear vision for the things I am looking to achieve and have I communicated them to those involved?”  I also wondered if I was on track to achieving those goals.  Finally, I asked myself what would happen if my plans changed, how would I react.

Needless to say, the folks in charge of the World Trade Center had different plans before 2001 and have had to make many changes since then.  In the coming weeks they will complete the finishing work on the memorial and site and while I was impressed with the new center, I look forward to see what the New York City’s planners have in store for their future.



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