Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Brand

On Friday we went to see the opening show of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Our girls were particularly excited as their English Friend, Abby performed a lead role in the musical.  What strike me most was how well the show captured the theme of the famous movie.  The props were fantastic, the actors timeless and the overall tone emulated the original English theme.


It got me thinking how important it is to maintain your brand, regardless of the market you compete in.  With Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, showing it in America, Australia or even China, capturing the essence of the movie is key as folks are paying to see the product they have experienced in the past.  This is particularly true for products and services without physical attributes including literature and music.
As for Abby, she was fantastic.  Her English accent lent well to the role and her singing voice was spot on.  In fact, we just might make a second trip to see another show before they wrap up.

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